Cold Calling Funnies ..

This post is for anyone that makes cold calls. I love making them –truly I do. BUT sometimes my thoughts are way ahead of my mouth and what comes out….

I recently made a cold call — I was looking at the company contact name and my previous notes. I had Edward (then the last name) with the title of owner. A really nice man answered the phone — and out I blurted ” Hello –is owner there” .. then I paused.. we both laughed and I added.. Edward – the owner. We both continued to laugh. He was not in, and I agreed to call another day. We both were still laughing as we hung up the phone.

I had a cold calling day —once —-when instead of saying ” I am so glad I had a chance to speak with you” — I accidentally blurted out ” I am so glad you had the chance to speak with me” .. not what you want to say to an owner — but I can usually laugh at myself and turn a negative into a funny….

One of my most memorable ‘slip-ups’ would have to be the time I was put on hold. For the longest time… and if it was not long — it felt like forever.

Music began to play and the song was AWESOME (NOW I did not mind being on hold at all).

I started singing….. EVENTUALLY, someone came back on the line– and told me I had a nice voice. I almost DIED. Apparently, I was on hold and I could not hear the person on the other end ….. but they could hear me. All in a cold-callers day!!



Cold Calling Thursday – Throwback

This post is for anyone who made cold calls “back in the day”….


When I first started making sales calls I worked as a contractor for a district office of a major insurance carrier.

I did not have a computer on my desk. Instead, my boss eagerly handed out local phone books and a Criss+Cross Directory.

My goal was to target the “senior market”. I had to get creative. Nightly, I would put on my “investigative hat” and search for what I would call “classic” names. I would call every Roy, Ralph, Fred, Clifford and Alfred that I could find. Some nights I would have more “fun” –looking over last names in my directories…..then I would target the last names with more first names to choose from such as Smith or Jones.

We were required to get 3 leads per evening. 1 lead per hour. I would consistently have 5 to 9 leads per night. I do not believe this was solely because I picked up the phone and made the calls. (although I am sure my dialing for dollars efforts had something to do with my results) I believe it was also partly because I took the time to find my target market so my calls were perceived as “effortless”. For me they were. I then would train my co-workers on how to find people. We would make our calls fun and each pick a different first name to target for the evening.

Now … fast forward ….

I have applied these same searching skills today, with better tools. I have learned easier ways to create targeted lists for myself for my daily cold calling efforts. I am not making the household calls like I used to but anyone could have the same “fun” I had just by looking up the most popular baby names of the fifties or sixties using the internet.

The same rules apply .. you will not find a Brodie, Cayden, JadenĀ or Connor born during this time.

Although…..back in the day — Connor was a great last name to search!