Who Are You? – Meet Frank Agin

Happy Thursday to all of my connections. I recently networked and spoke with Frank Agin of the Columbus, Ohio area.

I wanted to share his Bio and background as I am a net-worker and people person as well. When you enjoy what you do — it never feels like work. I love working with people, and I love helping people. Everyday I try to learn something new — and I am glad for our connections! Thank you all!


Meet Frank Agin – Founder and President of AmSpirit Business Connections

Frank Agin is the founder and president of AmSpirit Business Connections, an organization that empowers entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals to become more successful through networking.

As AmSpirit Business Connections has grown, Frank has established himself as an authority on professionals networking and business relationship development. He has written various articles on professional networking, is a sought after presenter on this topic (including using social media in business) and consults with companies and organizations on how to make a more effective use of business relationships.

Finally, Frank is the author of a book entitled Foundational Networking: Creating Know, Like & Trust For A Lifetime of Extraordinary Success, and is also the co-author of LinkedWorking: Generating Success of the World’s Largest Professional Networking Website and The Champion: Finding The Most Valuable Person In Your Network.

Along with having a CPA designation, he has an undergraduate economics and management degree from Beloit College (Beloit, Wisconsin) and an MBA and law degree from the Ohio State University.

Please welcome Frank to your networks and if you are interested in contacting him he can be reached via email: frankagin@amspirit.com or by phone: 614-476-5540.