E-Books – Happy to Announce!

Thank you all for your support and encouragement throughout my publishing process!

I am happy to announce today that my books are not only available in print form—BUT are now available as E-books through more than 70 online partners – across the globe.

Feel free to preview the first few pages of each book through my website for your “first time reader”.  

Exciting times, happy reading and many blessings to all.

Who Are You? – Meet Richard E. Todd

This year my goal is to reach out to my online connections to learn more about everyone personally. Curious by nature, I enjoy getting to know others.. I enjoy hearing about what makes the people I am connected to tick….

Meet Richard E. Todd– Author, Speaker and GOLFER…


Shared Bio:

After a humiliating experience on the golf course over a rules infraction, author Richard E Todd used this negative experience to launch a series of entertaining and educational books on golf’s rules and etiquette, later to be accompanied by short stories, journals, a coloring book, and more.

Richard Todd was trained on the rules of golf by the USGA/United States Golfing Association and the PGA/Professional Golfers Association. He realized there was no easy way to learn the rules and most were educated by their playing partners who were generally as uneducated, so he set upon a quest to create a fun method for education.

In addition to being a lifelong golfer, he’s a rules follower. When not on the course Richard is a banking compliance manager.

Richard has been heard on the PGA Tour radio station on SiriusXM, seen in On The Green magazine, and a regular contributor to NorthWest Ohio Golf Links magazine.


If you are interested in learning more about Richard’s books feel free to check them out on Amazon using the links below:

The Golf Rules: Learn the Rules of Golf by Watching Others Break Them

The Golf Rules: Etiquette: Enhance Your Golf Etiquette by Watching Others’ Mistakes

Stories from the Long Links: A collection of golf related tales (Volume 1)

Short Stories from the Long Links: A collection of golf related tales (Volume 2)

Design Your Own Golf Course Sketchpad: An entertaining, educational, and creative designing, drawing, and coloring experience for golfers

Golf Course Coloring Book: A relaxing, golf inspired, coloring book for adults

The Complete Golf Course Journal


Thank you Richard for taking the time out of your day to share a little more about your world. We can all learn a little something from one another. Happy Thursday. If you have a question for Richard he can be reached via email: or through his website:

Note: This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure throughout my website.

Who Are You? – Meet Christine Williams

Welcome to my world …

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, writer and most of all THINKER. I love raw emotion and questions that make you think. I love time to reflect, change and grow. I love real people who are not afraid to take chances. People that are not afraid to fail. People that love to connect.

I love eye contact. The beach. The water and sand and shark tooth hunting in November. I love to travel, drink coffee and look at things differently. I like to find different uses for things — just because. I am a farm girl at heart — I love snowmobiles, horseback riding, and fishing–and from time to time I was known–in my younger days–to ride cows – backwards.

We all have our own stories to tell – and our own experiences to share. We all know of famous people, how they live, and what they do. We know if a superstar is married or single, if they have a pilot’s license or their own television show.

My thoughts wander– How well do we know our connections on the internet? Probably not well—-personally.  This is why I am sharing this post and others in the future.


Meet Christine Williams, CRS. A Broker-Associate with Keller Williams Realty Atlantic Partners Southside from Jacksonville, Florida. 

I recently reached out to Christine since she is in the real estate industry, to ask what gifts she likes to give to clients. She shared, she loves to personalize her gifts – but most often, she creates gift baskets or picnic baskets filled with everything you would need for your first evening in your new home — but cannot find.


Gift Basket Ideas:

Toilet paper and paper towels, plates and plastic eating utensils, hand soap.


Picnic Basket Ideas: 

Rotisserie chicken, deli food. Sample size gourmet foods, champagne and glasses.


To share a little more about Christine Williams – the person – I decided to ask her a few questions.


Question 1: How did you get into real estate and how long have you been in the industry?

Response: When I was 24 years of age I was a salaried property manager and was encouraged to get my real estate license. I obtained my license when I was 26–but was hesitant to give up a steady income. By age 29, I had $1,000 in savings, and I gave myself 30 days to sell “get a sale”. I did. In my early 30’s I obtained both my real estate broker’s and then my real estate instructor’s license.


Question 2: If a real estate agent were to give YOU a closing gift .. or a thank you gift what would you like to receive?

Response: The best gift I could receive is to work with another experienced professional.


Question 3: Favorite place to vacation?

Response: I live in a place where many people take their annual vacations: 1 mile from the ocean. So, I am blessed to be a full-time resident of a vacation destination. However, my “go-to” places for fun would be to anywhere tropical, taking a cruise or a boat on the saltwater.


Question 4: Would you ever purchase property where you enjoy going on vacation? –OR ever thought about it?

Response: I am not a routine person so I am not a person that will vacation in the same spot every year.


Question 5: What is the Best advice you ever received?

Response: A broker/mentor said early in my career, that you must wake up every morning and tell yourself that you are unemployed—-and then decide what activities you will do that day, to generate business and an income.


Question 6: Hardest Life Lesson?

Response: That no matter how kind or honest you are, there will always be people who do not like you, betray you or hurt you. It’s a reflection on them, not you.


Question 7: What gives your life meaning?

Response: I’ve been through some incredibly challenging experiences, both personally & professionally. With this being said, I know that I am supposed to be here doing what I am doing –to make my imprint. My purpose is to inspire, educate and coach others in the real estate industry.


Question 8: Favorite Childhood book?

Response: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White. I was an avid reader as a child and this book stood out for me.


I would like to personally thank you Christine for taking the time to chat with a “stranger” from Ohio. For real estate questions or guidance Christine can be reached via email:


Note: This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure throughout my website. 

Cheerios Daydreams ..Bucket List post…

Remember your favorite foods you used to eat as a child? I do …

Nowadays, I eat so many Cheerios, that back in October (2016) I emailed General Mills to thank them for a great product and to let them know how much I liked them. Every morning, I fill a quart size sandwich bag with regular Cheerios and Fruity Cheerios mixed.

Co-workers in the past were so used to seeing my filled baggie of “goodness” sitting on my desk–that I was temporarily nicknamed “Cheerios” in the office.

There are many reasons for liking Cheerios — (No, I am not an employee of General Mills) such as:

They are portable and easy, they are low-fat, they help keep my morning sweet tooth in check, I can mix my own flavors whenever I want a “healthy change”, they taste good, AND just about every day I eat them I am taken back to my sons younger days ….when he eagerly waited in his highchair, big smile on his face, as I walked over with “The Bright Yellow Box”…

They say if you are going to dream—– DREAM BIG— So here is my bucket list post for General Mills and Cheerios. I would be very excited to have one of my children’s books as a give-away tucked inside “The Bright Yellow Box” …. now I realize the chance of this happening is not overly huge — so I will instead enjoy my mornings, munching on my mixed bag of Cheerios with a smile on my face.

Dear Business Owner…

I have an idea I would like to share with a coffee or tea shop owner (or with any business that offers hot beverages to their customers)

I am looking for an out of the box thinker, someone who is willing to try “something new” just because it is different.

I am not trying to sell you anything. I am simply wanting to “present my ideas” …. if my thoughts work out for both of us — I am more than willing to post the outcome or results in a future follow-up.

If you are intrigued – please email me through and provide me with your business name, location, and contact information so I can get in touch with you.

***If this post ends up with more responses than I can handle – please be understanding and I will get in touch with you as soon as I am able. Thank you and Happy Sipping!

The Squeaky Wheel …

Sometimes in life you just have to take chances. Sometimes you just have to ask …

I am looking for indie bookstore owners or gift shop owners who are willing to take a chance on my children’s books. I am willing to work with you directly, please contact me through my website. Thank you!

Cold Calling Thursday – Throwback

This post is for anyone who made cold calls “back in the day”….


When I first started making sales calls I worked as a contractor for a district office of a major insurance carrier.

I did not have a computer on my desk. Instead, my boss eagerly handed out local phone books and a Criss+Cross Directory.

My goal was to target the “senior market”. I had to get creative. Nightly, I would put on my “investigative hat” and search for what I would call “classic” names. I would call every Roy, Ralph, Fred, Clifford and Alfred that I could find. Some nights I would have more “fun” –looking over last names in my directories…..then I would target the last names with more first names to choose from such as Smith or Jones.

We were required to get 3 leads per evening. 1 lead per hour. I would consistently have 5 to 9 leads per night. I do not believe this was solely because I picked up the phone and made the calls. (although I am sure my dialing for dollars efforts had something to do with my results) I believe it was also partly because I took the time to find my target market so my calls were perceived as “effortless”. For me they were. I then would train my co-workers on how to find people. We would make our calls fun and each pick a different first name to target for the evening.

Now … fast forward ….

I have applied these same searching skills today, with better tools. I have learned easier ways to create targeted lists for myself for my daily cold calling efforts. I am not making the household calls like I used to but anyone could have the same “fun” I had just by looking up the most popular baby names of the fifties or sixties using the internet.

The same rules apply .. you will not find a Brodie, Cayden, Jaden or Connor born during this time.

Although…..back in the day — Connor was a great last name to search!



Real Estate – Closing …Gift Idea …

Are you a Real Estate Agent looking for a “special” closing gift for a family? Why not share a rhyming, colorful children’s book with your youngest customer. Let’s make a little one smile together. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss options. Happy Selling – Happy Reading!